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A CNN Viewer Reports Its German Correspondent Is More Worried About French Patriots Than Islamic Terrorists

Re: Steve Sailer’s blog post Le Pen, Père, Denounced for [...]

Le Pen, Père, Denounced for Calling for Calm and Democracy — Jean-Marie Le Pen (@lepenjm) January 9, 2015 From [...]

SLATE Furious Terrorism Screwing Up German Government’s Protest Of Its People

In spite of the lurid lighting, these are peaceful [...]

NYT’s Frontlash Against Anti-Islam “Backlash”

From the New York Times news pages: ‘Dangerous Moment’ for [...]

The Lesson Of CHARLIE HEBDO: France, and the West, Must Chose Identity or Extinction

Protesters hold signs saying "Je Suis Charlie"--French for "I Am Charlie"--in solidarity with the victims. But the whole

New York Cop Killings: Sharpton Launches the Frontlash

Whenever a member of a protected group behaves in a [...]

NYT: “Turning #IllRideWithYou Into Real-World Action in Australia”

From the New York Times: Turning #IllRideWithYou Into Real-World Action [...]

Mark Steyn On #illridewith You And The Vapid Response To Muslim Terror Down Under

Mark Steyn writes, At one level, the Aussie authorities screwed [...]

The Media Heroine of the Australian Terrorism #illridewithyou Counterbacklash Has Some Issues

Tessa Kum’s Twitter pic Below is the Australian Broadcasting Company’s [...]

Australia: Iranian Muslim Holds Downtown Sydney Hostage

How many kicks in the head will it take for [...]