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Swedes Respond to Ikea Stabbing–It was the knife’s fault!

Above, UK Crime Fighting Strategies – Coming soon to Sweden? [...]

Down The Memory Hole? ANOTHER Immigrant Mass Murder—Muslim Gunman From Kuwait Kills Unarmed Marines

See also Michelle Malkin's No, Obama, The Tennessee Jihad on U.S. Troops Is Not a “Circumstance” The first thing

America’s Cultural Marxists Huff, Puff—Try To Shut Down Trump, Immigration Debate

The Big Bad Wolf famously huffed and puffed and blew the little pigs’ houses down. Social Justice Warriors

Knockout Game Attack On Texas Muslim Unrelated To Garland–It’s Just That Arabs Look White To Black Teens

Above, a policeman goes to investigate a mosque where a [...]

Who Needs Facts? Left Forces NC Muslim Killings Into “Hate Crime” Narrative

Barack Obama didn’t exactly say that the three Muslim students killed in North Carolina might have been his

Sweden Doubles Down on Diversity

A couple years ago, Sweden’s liberal political elites went completely [...]

NYT: Muslim Criminals in France Turn to Terrorism Because They Feel Dissed; White People at Fault

From the NYT: The Mill of Muslim Radicalism in France [...]

Manuel Valls Says There’s “Apartheid” in France–#frenchpresidentfacts?

Pat Buchanan just quoted the President Prime Minister of France [...]

NYT: Muslim Massacres of French Are Fault of the French

The New York Times Editorial Board blames the victims: An [...]

In Paris, Euro Establishment Displays Solidarity Against True Enemy

From the NYT: In Cold Political Terms, Far Right and [...]