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Backlash Alert! Muslims Claim They Fear Violence from Infidels on 9/11 Anniversary

This year, the 15th anniversary of Islam’s jihad attack on [...]

Why We Can’t Let “Experts” Repress The The Images Of Terrorist Attacks Anymore

Anyone who remembers the September 11, 2001 attacks can recall [...]

First Bastille Day Backlash Libel Story Already On The Wires

The tag we use for this is MSM Backlash Libel. [...]

NEW YORK TIMES: Orlando Jihad Massacre Ruins Muslim Holiday for Immigrants

On Saturday, many news outlets reported on the funerals taking place [...]

Kneejerk MSM Reaction #7: The ‘Backlash’ Hooey Begins

The Washington Post’s teaser for its backlash story: ‘I am [...]

More Frontlashing: NYT Doesn’t Think Mass Murder Should Affect Refugee Policy At All

An NYT op-ed: Paris and Europe’s Anti-Refugee Backlash By Anna [...]

Frontlash: The NYT More Worried About “Backlash” Against Syrian “Migrants” Than Mass Murder

A couple of stories from the NYT: Refugees in central [...]

NYT Backlash Bull: Massacre Could “Complicate” Migration, Lend “Weight To The Xenophobic Arguments“ Of Marine Le Pen

Ann Coulter on Twitter: The end of thought: XENOPHOBIC! NYT: [...]

They’re Already Talking About “Backlash” In Paris, While The Muslim Frontlash Is Still Going On

We have a category of posts called MSM Backlash Libel, [...]

Elderly Couple In Sicily Killed By African “Refugee”; Immigration Bureaucrats Worried About Bad Press

Another brilliant success for the pro-invasion forces who seek to [...]