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Menendez, Melgen, Medicare, And Hispanic Corruption

Senator Bob Menendez  got a mistrial on his bribery accusation [...]

Cracking Down On MS-13 Is “Controversial” Now

The Main Stream Media was furious at Ed Gillespie during [...]

Whites Need Not Apply: Deval Patrick and The 2020 Democratic Nomination

Barack Obama and other members of the Black Overclass have reportedly decided former Massachusetts governor Deval Patrick should

Battle For Columbus Day–Part Of The War On Whites

In post-America, holidays to honor what were once national heroes are now opportunities for iconoclasm. The black-clad communist

The System Revealed: Antifa, Virginia Politicians And Police Work Together To Shut Down #UniteTheRight

The mask is off. There can be no further delusions nor any more comforting lies. “America” and the supposed

Black DC National Guard General Whines Bitterly About Not Being Chosen To Guard Trump’s Inaugural

When I saw this note at Instapundit I already had [...]

Hyped Figures: John Glenn And The PC Myth Of Katherine Johnson–Unsung Black Women Were NOT What Got Us To The Moon

John Glenn’s passing at the age of 95 is just another reminder that the era of infinite possibility

Protester With Mexican Flag To Young White Couple: “F— You! F—Your Kids!”

At the end of the NPI video where a few [...]

Anti-Trump Mob Besieges Trump Tower–They Wouldn’t Do That To Hillary, She’s One Of Them

I remember a story from the 1980s about some protesters [...]

Rachel Maddow And The RNC’s Preemptive Surrender On Voter Fraud

It’s a form of what what the late Sam Francis [...]