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The Fulford File | The Immigrants Who Bring Their Slaves To America, And The Press That Doesn’t Want You To Know

Slavery seems to be in the news lately, in that it’s the excuse for the desecration of Confederate

Eudocia Tomas Pulido: 56 Years A Slave To A Filipino Family In America

See, earlier, Affluent Immigrants Culturally-Enriching Modern USA with Their Diverse [...]

Affluent Immigrants Culturally-Enriching Modern USA with Their Diverse Customs, Such as Slave-Owning

From The Atlantic: My Family’s Slave She lived with us [...]

The Fulford File: “Not Reporting Race”—MSM Promoting False Consciousness About Race And Crime, With Help From Cathy Young

A Nigerian asylum seeker arrested for giving women HIV--I.E. "Man Arrested." In a recent attack on the Alt Right,

A Reader Reports An Attack On Us In THE FEDERALIST

From: A Fan [Email him] Not sure if it [...]

“San Diego Couple Enslaved Their Maid” A Lie–Why Not “Iraqi Imigrant Couple Enslaved San Diego Woman”?

The headline on this Daily Beast column is incredibly wrong: [...]

A Reader Reports Nigerians Committing Slavery In America

From: Jesse Mossman [Email him] The headline proclaimed “Texas couple” [...]

Welcome to Wealthy Middle Eastern Thug Privilege

You've heard endlessly about "white privilege" from the professional social justice warrior gripers. But rarely does that crusading

Ann Coulter’s ADIOS AMERICA! Puts Patriotic Immigration Reform Center Stage In National Discourse—And Presidential Politics

“Today’s immigrants aren’t coming here to breathe free, they’re coming to live for free”—Ann Coulter, Adios, America! The

Sex For Sale In The Shenandoah: Will The Trafficking Scandal Turn Rep. Goodlatte Into An Immigration Patriot?

Eugenio Hernandez-Prieto, Severiano Martinez-Rojas, and Saul Romero-Rugerio Citizens of Mexico on ICE's Most Wanted List For Sex Trafficking If Senate