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Via yet another Immigrant Mass Murder:  Hmong gunman kills [...]

If The Immigrant Mass Murder In Quebec Was Committed By Muslims, Is It Still “Barbaric” And “Cowardly”?

UPDATE: Shooter was allegedly a white French Canadian, but the [...]

Shooting in Quebec Apparently Mass Murder OF Muslims BY Muslims

From the New York Times: Quebec Mosque Shooting Kills at [...]

AP On Puerto Rican Gunman Esteban Santiago: “US Veteran Arrested In Airport Shooting”

The latest headline on Esteban Santiago, the Puerto Rican gunman [...]

Esteban Santiago, “New Jersey-born” Fort Lauderdale Airport Gunman–Actually Puerto Rican

The New York Daily News highlights the “New Jersey” born [...]

Esteban Santiago, Florida Shooter, Being Reported As (A) “White Hispanic” and (B) American Citizen

A gunman reported as being captured after shooting up an [...]

The Muslim War On Christmas In Germany–Real Deaths In The Christkindlmarkt

On Friday I wrote a post called  Real War On Christmas: Iraqi 12-Year Old Attempts To Nail-Bomb Christmas

“Ohio State Shooter [UPDATE: Slasher] No Longer Raceless: Somali Refugee”

The headline above is the subject line of an email [...]

Why Did Trump Carry Florida? Answer: Orlando

From my Taki’s Magazine column last June after the Orlando [...]

Kenyan Refugee Shoots Up Former Workplace, MSM Blames “Harassment”

FreightCar America in Virginia hired a Kenyan refugee to work [...]