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Immigrant Mass Murder: Recent Mexican Immigrant Shoots Wife, Mother, Daughter, And Self–MSM Reports “Charlotte Man”

The latest Immigrant Mass Murder–Mexican immigrant who arrived just last [...]

Immigrant Mass Murder: Vietnamese “Plumber” Is Convicted of Quintuple Hammer Murders After Feds Fail To Deport

On March 23, 2012, five members of the Lei family [...]

Filipino Immigrant In Florida Wanted To Shoot Up Islamic Center In Revenge For Terrorism–Reported As “Florida Man”

This version of the story is from the Daily Caller, [...]

NBC: New York Bike Path Attacker Identified As Uzbek Muslim Immigrant

The NBC report below does not directly say that the [...]

The Fulford File: MARKETWATCH “Ten Deadliest” Shootings Include Four Immigrant Mass Murders—In “Zones” Where Americans Were Banned From Having Guns

  See also Ann Coulter: Media Find Las Vegas Shooter’s Motive–He’s White! and Of The “Thirty Deadliest” Shooters, At

Refugee Emanuel Samson’s Tennessee Church Shooting Is Dylann Roof In Reverse–But AP Doesn’t Want To Know

John Derbyshire’s blog on the Tennessee church shooting by Sudanese [...]

Carpet-Bombing The Social Justice Narrative–Tennessee Church Shooting Is Dylann Roof In Reverse

The Audacious Epigone points out what a remarkably thorough job [...]

Sudanese Immigrant (Refugee?) In Mass Murder Attempt At TN Church–Stopped By Armed White Tennessean

A report of a mass shooting, but not, so far [...]

Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome Update: Total Deaths/Wounded: 581 killed, over 1500 Wounded, As Of June 2017

I’ve just updated one of the pages on our FAQ–the [...]

Immigrant Mass Murder: Mexican Deportee Who (Allegedly) Shot Five People In 2016 Called “A Kansas City, Kan., Man”

In this GOPUSA story, the whole point is that alleged [...]