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“You Need To Get Out”–Air Force Academy Head Jay Silveria DOESN’T CARE That A Black Wrote The Bad Words

Shot. ‘You Should Be Outraged,’ Air Force Academy Head Tells [...]

Air Force General Silveria: Who Cares That I Got Hoaxed?

From CNN in September: From the Colorado Springs Gazette today: [...]

Air Force Academy Graffiti: Yup, It Was Another Hate Hoax

Remember in late September when Air Force Academy supremo Jay [...]

Hoax Alert: Racism At Air Force Academy Prep School?

Here we go again. This time, the “racial slurs” appeared [...]

Suspicious “Hate Crime” 1: The Brentwood KKK Paints Racist Graffiti on LeBron James’ House

The other main suspects in this hate crime against the [...]

Narrative Collapse At Speed: Pakistani Student Lied About “Masked Racists”, Found Out Same Day

rom the NY Daily News on Saturday: Three masked men [...]

Should False Flag Hate Hoaxes be Prosecuted as Hate Crimes?

The large number of fraudulent false flag hate incidents in [...]

Nice White People Weigh in on Minnesota Hate Hoax

More from CBS News in Minneapolis: Psychologist Weighs In On [...]

On Sam Francis And Another Fake Hate Crime

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Fake Hate Accuser Who Blamed Imaginary “45-Year-Old White Male” Pleads Guilty in Court

There seems to be an uptick in fake hate crimes [...]