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Hoax Alert: Racism At Air Force Academy Prep School?

Here we go again. This time, the “racial slurs” appeared [...]

Suspicious “Hate Crime” 1: The Brentwood KKK Paints Racist Graffiti on LeBron James’ House

The other main suspects in this hate crime against the [...]

Narrative Collapse At Speed: Pakistani Student Lied About “Masked Racists”, Found Out Same Day

rom the NY Daily News on Saturday: Three masked men [...]

Should False Flag Hate Hoaxes be Prosecuted as Hate Crimes?

The large number of fraudulent false flag hate incidents in [...]

Nice White People Weigh in on Minnesota Hate Hoax

More from CBS News in Minneapolis: Psychologist Weighs In On [...]

On Sam Francis And Another Fake Hate Crime

[See Also: The Truths That Fake Hate Crimes Tell Us by Sam [...]

Fake Hate Accuser Who Blamed Imaginary “45-Year-Old White Male” Pleads Guilty in Court

There seems to be an uptick in fake hate crimes [...]

Police Aren’t Pressing Charges Against Hijabi Hate Crime Hoaxer

The cops aren’t pressing charges against the Muslima who fabricated [...]

Ann Coulter On Fake Hate And The $PLC: The Great Hijab Cover-Up

Forget fake news; the real issue is fake "hate.” Has there been one (1) documented hate crime committed by

How Many Fake News Hate Hoaxes Were Exposed Today Alone?

I’m counting four. 1. “U-M student made up story about [...]