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“Florida Man” In The Headline Doesn’t Mean “Redneck”–Could Be A BLM Inspired Crime

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Obama, Left, And MSM Agree: “Stop Fearing Crime and Get Back to Fearing Guns!”

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ZEROHEDGE Loses Patience; Declares Blacks, Not Guns, Cause The Murder Problem

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Gun Control: Hillary’s Plan to Lose the Deer Hunter States

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Kansas Mass Shooting Featured Black Gunman In Hispanic-Dominated Factory

In a mass workplace shooting, I look for what we [...]

Mass Shooting In Canada Is An Indian Reservation Story, Not A “Gun Control” Story

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An American Military Reader Says Rush Limbaugh Is Not On The Cruz Bandwagon

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Oops. FB Gun Rights Message Wrong On Color Of Crime

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Trump’s “Fascism” Is Just White America Finally Hitting BACK

On the eve of the final GOP presidential candidates’ debate, Conservatism Inc. still hasn’t decided whether to denounce