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One Reason Why So Many Republicans Prefer a “Dying White America” to David Brooks’ Houston–The GOP Is Dying In Houston

David Brooks famously exclaimed: For the life of me, I [...]

“It Will Come To Blood”–Reflections On The Left’s Anti-Trump Inauguration Tantrum

You could tell from thirty miles out that this was not a day like all others. Northern Virginia

SLATE: Trump Didn’t Win Rust Belt So Much as Hillary Lost It

From Slate: The Myth of the Rust Belt Revolt Donald [...]

Brimelow At NPI: Trump’s America—The Next Shoe Will Drop In 2020 Editor Peter Brimelow writes: Like other participants, I’m furious with National Policy Institute President Richard Spencer for

William Kristol: “Steve Sailer and Ann Coulter Were Wrong.” [2:47:30]

I’d point out that Trump did a mostly excellent job [...]

The “Sailer Strategy” from 2000

Here’s part of a VDARE column I wrote in November [...]

And Let Us Now Praise Famous Sailers (As Well As Trumps)

On Election Day, we carried my Let Us Now Praise Famous Trumps: Donald J. Trump is infinitely better than

ATLANTIC: “In Ferguson, the Seeds of Trump’s Defeat”–Wait, What?

From The Atlantic: In Ferguson, the Seeds of Trump’s Defeat [...]

“Irredeemable”? In This Battle For Survival, Donald Trump And His Supporters a.k.a. White America Are In It Together

Earlier: Paul Kersey’s Open Letter To Donald Trump: Defend Freedom Of Association (And Property Values) Against Obama’s Racial

Hispanic Electoral Tidal Wave Still Hasn’t Quite Gone Thru Formality of Coming Into Existence

From the NYT: 27 Million Potential Hispanic Votes. But What [...]