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“Why Are You Passionate About Working on Diversity and Inclusion?”

“The push for gender equality “created divides that I didn’t [...]

Women Leaving Million Dollar Bills on the Sidewalk Rather Than Take Tech Jobs With White Males

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John Derbyshire On The Two Minute Hate At Google, Stone Age Sex Equality, And What Happened To Female Coders

This week's big story on the CultMarx front was the firing of Google employee James Damore. The firing

Liberaltarian Will Wilkinson Explains Need to Out and Punish Dissident Wreckers Like James Damore

A tweet storm from “liberaltarian” journalist Will Wilkinson, of the [...]

Was Sergey Brin’s Ex-Sister-In-Law the Driving Force in Getting James Damore Canned?

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Project Much? Google CEO Cancels Meeting To Prevent Unfired Employees From Being ” ‘Outed’ Publicly For Asking A Question”

Below is the Thursday memo from Google’s CEO announcing that [...]

Is a Google Executive Headed for Jail?

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The Next Google CEO Unveiled

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Would You Fly In An Airplane From A Company Whose Motto Is, “We Put Diversity First”?

Late on Wednesday, Steve Sailer ruminated here that: [I]n my [...]

It Can’t be Hate Speech Against White Men Because You Deserve Hate

From Slate: Stop Equating “Science” With Truth Evolutionary psychology is [...]