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Menendez, Melgen, Medicare, And Hispanic Corruption

Senator Bob Menendez  got a mistrial on his bribery accusation [...]

Cracking Down On MS-13 Is “Controversial” Now

The Main Stream Media was furious at Ed Gillespie during [...]

Son Of East European Immigrants Reflects On The Fall Of His Toronto

I just read in my morning newspaper that whites had become a minority in Toronto. My hometown, where

Michelle Malkin: Allahu Akbar-itis–America’s Deadly and Debilitating Disease

See also “The Motorist Yelled ‘God Is Great’ In Arabic”–They Need A EUPHEMISM For “Allahu Akbar”? "Shout 'Allahu Akbar,'

NBC: New York Bike Path Attacker Identified As Uzbek Muslim Immigrant

The NBC report below does not directly say that the [...]

Toyota Ads Target Black, Asian, Latino, And “Transcultural Mainstream”–But “There Is No Caucasian Market”

The New York Times has an article on the four [...]

Sudanese Immigrant (Refugee?) In Mass Murder Attempt At TN Church–Stopped By Armed White Tennessean

A report of a mass shooting, but not, so far [...]

Black People and Dogs—Another Reason We Can’t All Get Along

White people seem willing to give up just about everything [...]

Silicon Valley CEO Gurbaksh Chahal Turns Out To Be “Racist” As Well As “Sexist”–Surprising…Who?

Here’s a Daily Beast story about Silicon Valley CEO Gurbaksh [...]

Somali Family Values In Minneapolis: “Did A Celebrated Somali-American Legislator Marry Her Brother?”

From City Journal: Ilhan Omar’s Many Firsts Did a celebrated [...]