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Oklahoma: Islam Convert Is Sentenced to Death for Beheading Coworker

On Sept. 24, 2014, Alton Nolen entered a food processing [...]

Disgruntled Minority Massacre Not About Islam–Black Employee Who Beheaded White Coworker Sentenced To Death Three Years After Crime

In September, 2014, Alton Nolen, a black American beheaded Colleen [...]

Disgruntled Minority Massacre: Black Gunman Shoots Five Non-Black Fellow Employees, Killing Three

A few days ago, a black gunman named Radee Ladeeb [...]

“Kill All White People” Guy And Black Serial Killers

Here’s a story from Kansas City: ‘Kill all white people’: [...]

A Charleston Reader Does Some Noticing On Naval Crashes And Disgruntled Minorities

Re: James Fulford’s post Charleston Disgruntled Minority Shooter Update: AP [...]

African From Cape Verde Arraigned in Grisly Double Murder Of Two Doctors–Or As AP Puts It “Man Charged”

Here’s the AP story: Man charged with killing doctors in [...]

Immigrant Mass Murder: Bronx Shooter Henry Bello WAS A Nigerian; Medical School In Dominica; Had Arrest Record

Bronx Hospital shooter Henry Bello was a Nigerian immigrant, educated [...]

Bronx Hospital Shooter Bello WAS AN IMMIGRANT, Claimed Racism After Sexual Harassment Firing

Questions answered about Bronx Hospital shooter Henry Bello (deceased, right): [...]