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The War On Christmas In The Age of Trump

Peter Brimelow writes: Tonight is Twelfth Night,when Christmas decorations are traditionally taken down (although there’s a dispute as

In The War On Christmas, Trump’s On The Right Side!

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat; they’re saying [...]

Happy St. George’s Day! And San Jacinto Day! (Oh, And Passover)

Happy St George’s Day! Well, it’s actually April 23 in [...]

The War on Christmas is a War on Christians, and It’s Working

Decades of anti-Christian propaganda having its intended effect. Three-quarters of [...]

War On Christmas Denial And Hate On Twitter

The #WarOnChristmas hashtag on Twitter contains a lot of War [...]

Paul Waldman in THE WEEK: The War On Christmas Is Real–And We Won

Here’s The American Prospect writer and The Washington Post blogger [...]

San Bernardino: The Answer Is An Immigration Moratorium—And Muslim Expulsion

There is one indisputable fact about Wednesday’s shootings in San Bernardino: if the family of Syed Rizwan Farook

Two Moms, One White, One Black, In “Textbook” Examples Of Black Privilege And Christophobia

A “textbook” example of black privilege, in two complaints about [...]

The Oregon Shooting: Immigrant Murder, Disgruntled Minority Massacre, Christophobia—Or Memory Hole?

The Oregon shootings raise a serious classification problem for [...]

Happy St. John Chrysostom Day!…Oh, And Also Rosh Hashanah (Sincerely)

Happy St. John Chrysostom Day! The picture is of the sculpture [...]