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Patrick J. Buchanan: The Peace Cross—Where Christophobia Meets Anti-Americanism In The Minds Of Judges

"Meet you at Peace Cross." In northwest D.C. in the 1950s, that was an often-heard comment among high schoolers

When Harvey Weinstein Wasn’t Harassing Women, He Was Bashing The Catholic Church

The National Catholic Register has posted an interesting little piece [...]

Happy St. Matthew’s Day! (Oh, And Rosh Hashana)

Tonight (September 20) is the Vigil of St. Matthew, preparatory [...]

Happy Easter From!

This is your annual reminder that there is a War On Easter, just as there is a War

Happy William Of Ockham Day! (Oh, And Also Passover)

April 10 in the Church of England’s Calendar of Saints [...]

The War On Christmas In The Age of Trump

Peter Brimelow writes: Tonight is Twelfth Night,when Christmas decorations are traditionally taken down (although there’s a dispute as

In The War On Christmas, Trump’s On The Right Side!

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat; they’re saying [...]

Happy St. George’s Day! And San Jacinto Day! (Oh, And Passover)

Happy St George’s Day! Well, it’s actually April 23 in [...]

The War on Christmas is a War on Christians, and It’s Working

Decades of anti-Christian propaganda having its intended effect. Three-quarters of [...]

War On Christmas Denial And Hate On Twitter

The #WarOnChristmas hashtag on Twitter contains a lot of War [...]