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Charlottesville Narrative Collapse (Contd.): 2 Of 3 Charges Against Cantwell Dropped Because Of Antifa Perjury

Hunter Wallace at Occidental Dissent has a report [Christopher Cantwell [...]

Charlottesville Narrative Collapse (contd.): Beating “Victim” DeAndre Harris Charged With Malicious Wounding, MSM Appalled

Here’s what Hunter Wallace at Occidental Dissent has to say [...]

Leftist Infiltrator Hermansson/Hellberg Inadvertently Confirms AntiFa Aggression In Charlottesville

    Erik Hellberg <>

Anarcho-Tyranny Update: Mounting Proof That Alt Right Charlottesville Five Are Political Prisoners

At the end of August, Editor Peter Brimelow gave me three tasks: Learn the names and charges

Jason Kessler (At ) On Narrative Collapse In Charlottesville

Freelance writer Jason Kessler (one of the organizers of the [...]

Anarchotyranny’s Unequal Justice: Why Charlottesville Patriots Can’t Prosecute Antifa Thugs

Unite the Right rally attendees cheer riot police en route to Lee Park, where police would then disperse

Anarcho-Tyranny In Charlottesville–White Guy Arrested For Firing Warning Shot At Man With FLAMETHROWER

One of the most notable pictures out of the Charlottesville [...]

Krauthammer Shows True Colors Over Charlottesville: Laura Ingraham Tosses And Gores Him

One of the side-effects of these periodic moral panics that [...]

Post Charlottesville Anti-Right Pogrom Based On Fantasy: A Compendium Of Facts

"Free Speech" Rally in Boston 08/19/2017. Police resolutely kept Antifa from prey (who still did not get to

“BAD PEOPLE MAKING TROUBLE”–John Derbyshire On MSM (And GOP) Charlottesville Hysteria

New York Post from the driveway to read over my breakfast oatmeal. The NYP's not bad, as MainsStream