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Young Muslim Columnist Had Never Heard Ann Coulter’s History Of Kwanzaa

Ann Coulter’s Kwanzaa column is an annual institution, because some [...]

Jihad Attacks on Brussels Kill Dozens

Today the capital city of the European Union is shut [...]

Post-Jihad Gesture Theater: Je Suis Sick of It

While homicidal, suicidal and genocidal jihadists are busy plotting the next soft-target terror attacks on the West, docile

Merkel as the Anti-Trump

From Reuters: Merkel defends open borders for migrants amid German [...]

Charlie Hebdo Anniversary: Media Still Cowardly

It’s the anniversary of the Charlie Hebdo massacre–Mark Steyn has [...]

French Jewish Intellectual Finds Anti-Semitic “Zombie Catholicism” Behind Paris “Charlie Hebdo” Marches for Secularism

As you may have noticed, Europe is currently under siege [...]

Charlie Hebdo Surrenders–No More Drawing Mohammed

  #JeSuisCharlie? I hope not. Charlie Hebdo, the satirical French [...]

Speaking Truth to Power, French-Style

Here is an inadvertently funny New York Times article about [...]

John Derbyshire: The American Political System CAN Solve The Race Problem—For A Given Meaning Of “Solve”

Last weekend Peter Brimelow and I attended the annual American Renaissance conference in Tennessee. Peter gave a feature