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Ann Coulter On Charlottesville: When Liberals Club People, It’s With Love In Their Hearts

Earlier by Ann Coulter: Hillary To Dead Cops—You Deserved It, July 13, 2016 Apparently, as long as violent leftists

How Soon We Forget–Obama Talked Smack About AMERICA, Not Sweden. (Remember The Murders?)

From the New York Times: From an Anchor’s Lips to [...]

More Cops Get Shot–Two Dead, One Injured In Palm Springs

From the Palms Springs Desert Sun: Two officers dead, one [...]

BLM At The DNC: When Do “The Mothers Of ISIS” Speak?

See, earlier  The Mothers of the Movement–Hillary And The DNC Go All In For Dead Thugs Whatever questionable choices

Two Black Male Suspects Arrested For Murder Of White Cop–But It’s Only A “Normal” Murder, Nothing To See Here

PJMedia has pictures of the two men alleged to have [...]

A White Police Officer Killed In Kansas City, Kansas–No Word On Suspect’s Race

I’ve been searching these stories for some indication of the [...]

Ta-Nehisi Coates Only #2 on Baton Rouge Terrorist’s Recommended Reading List

From Convos with Cosmo, the website of Baton Rouge cop-killer [...]

Director of “DJANGO UNCHAINED” Loves How Obama Is Going Out with a Bang

From a 2015 interview with Quentin Tarantino, director of the [...]

Black Gunman In Baton Rouge Shoots 6 Cops, Killing 3–While Cuckservatives Retweet Picture Of One Black Victim

There’s been another  Black Lives Matter-inspired shooting in Louisiana, six [...]

NYT: Did Those 5 Dead White Dallas Cops Have It Coming?

The New York Times considers the relevant question: Have the [...]