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WSJ On An American Terrorist (Not Alt-Right, He’s An Egyptian Named Mohammed)

When I saw this Tweet by the WSJ, my first [...]

“It Will Only Take One Election”—The Trump Tsunami vs. Clinton’s Coming Merkel-Style Immigration Surge

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Coulter On Cruz’s Ineligibility: “We’re All Ruth Bader Ginsburg Now”

If Ted Cruz is a "natural born citizen," eligible to be president, what was all the fuss about

Chinese Birth Tourists Crowd Orange County Mall

From Orange County Weekly: South Coast Plaza Looks a Lot [...]

Raza Family Values Are on Display in Hate-Trump Video

Fox News and others have been showing a version of [...]

Funny Thing About George Will’s Obsessive Quest To Smear Donald Trump As A RACIST!!!…

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The GOP Debate: No-One Wished It Longer

[Adapted from the latest Radio Derb, now online for free [...]

Trump Wows the Crowd in Dallas, Keeps Hammering on Illegal Immigration, the Border and the Anchor Baby Loophole

Donald Trump was in Dallas on September 14th, and gave [...]

“Original Intent”? Anchor Baby Clause’s Authors Explicitly Envisaged No Non-White Immigration

When Donald Trump first proposed ending birthright citizenship, and the resulting "anchor baby" scandal, the Washington Post’s Phillip

The Trump Effect: THE ATLANTIC Not Even Trying to Make Sense Anymore

Donald Trump’s heresies have The Atlantic so worked up that [...]