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More Anti-Trump Rioting, In San Diego Today

  The black cop really pounded the Mexican jerk in [...]

As Black Rioters Shut Down Trump Rally, CNN Blames The Victim

This is a pivotal event. The organized left disrupted and [...]

The Cost Of Freddie Gray: Not Just Once-Great Baltimore—But Drug Pushers’ Victims Throughout America

I looked at my friend’s body lying in the coffin and watched his parents and brothers sob uncontrollably.

In Baltimore, Social Justice = War

From CBS in Baltimore: It’s the deadliest month Baltimore has [...]

Obama to Fund “Community Organizers” to Create More Fergusons and Baltimores

Again, race riots and businesses in flames aren’t failures of [...]

White Baltimore Man Brutally Beaten And Stomped By Mob Of Black Teens—More “Mission Accomplished” For The Media And Obama

As if to underscore the point I’ve been making about [...]

Crime Wave in Baltimore–Media Mission Accomplished!

Just another day Black lives occasionally matter. The increase in [...]

The Freddie Gray Fiasco And The Coming End of Policing

The late Freddie Gray, somewhat overshadowed by his arrest recordThe case against the officers involved in the arrest