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Automation: Trump Deportation Threat Inspires Cheap Labor Agribusiness To FINALLY Invest In Robots

Elections have consequences, so they say. The Associated Press reports [...]

Automation + Immigration = White Identitarianism. Have Our Rulers Really Thought This Through?

The purpose of the Lying Press is to tell Americans why they are not allowed to resist their

Artificial Intelligence Still No Match For Confucius

If you want to read yet another scary piece about [...]

Automation: Nearly Half Of Jobs In Idaho Will Be Automated In The Next 20 Years

In Idaho, a researcher at the state Department of Labor [...]

Automation: How It’s Changing the Oil Patch

The report below from the Houston Chronicle about smart machines [...]

Automation Marches On: Japan’s Robot Hotel

Here’s a safe prediction for 2017:  By January 1st 2018, [...]

Automation: Mississippi Factories Illustrate the New Manufacturing

Sunday’s Sixty Minutes episode had an interesting segment about the [...]

Automation: The House That Jack Printed

I’ve been reading scattered articles about the printing of houses [...]

Automation: Wal-Mart’s Dallas Optical Lab Replaces 91 Jobs with Machines

You don’t see many news reports like this one where [...]

Trump’s Employment Agenda May Bring Automation into a National Spotlight

It will be interesting to see how effective President Trump [...]