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Narrative Collapse In Bathroom Rape By Hispanic Teens? Not Really

Various organs of the left are claiming Narrative Collapse in [...]

Supreme Court Precedent Says Berkeley Must Let Ann Speak–And Protect Her From Antifa, Too!

Governor Reagan didn't believe in rioting--a Guard helicopter sprays tear gas on rioters on University of California, Berkeley

Ann Coulter On C-Span Quotes’s Brimelow–A Racist Is Someone Winning An Argument With A Liberal.

This C-Span clip of Ann Coulter on the Washington Journal: [...]

It’s the Immigration, Stupid! Ann Coulter’s IN TRUMP WE TRUST Explains Trump’s Appeal

Ann Coulter America’s foremost polemicist, is most recently in the news for (1) unflinchingly enduring unbridled Leftist abuse

Ann Coulter (And Vs. VICE Magazine

Ann Coulter is distinctly unhappy about Vice Magazine’s article about [...]

Ann Coulter’s IN TRUMP WE TRUST: Immigration, Not Charisma, Explains Trump’s Appeal

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Ann Coulter: You Can’t Say “Mexican Judge”, But You Can Sure Say “White Jury”!

Annoyed at federal judge Gonzalo P. Curiel's persistent rulings against him in the Trump University case (brought by

WASHINGTON POST: “Men” Are Trying To Molest Children In Arlington—Hispanic Men, That Is.

In yet another highly informative headline, The Washington Post reports [...]

“It Will Only Take One Election”—The Trump Tsunami vs. Clinton’s Coming Merkel-Style Immigration Surge

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The Fulford File: “Not Reporting Race”—MSM Promoting False Consciousness About Race And Crime, With Help From Cathy Young

A Nigerian asylum seeker arrested for giving women HIV--I.E. "Man Arrested." In a recent attack on the Alt Right,