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Race Is Just a Social Construct: The Comic Book

Here’s a curious artifact from The Nib: What is Race? [...]

Brookings: “Race Gaps in SAT Math Scores Are as Big as Ever”

From the Democratic Party-oriented Brookings Institution: Race gaps in SAT [...]

IQ Researchers Respond To Anonymous Questionnaire “Normally”–But Many Would Be Watsoned If Their Beliefs Were Made Public

Psychologist Dr. James Thompson has moved his blog over to [...]

Hyped Figures: John Glenn And The PC Myth Of Katherine Johnson–Unsung Black Women Were NOT What Got Us To The Moon

John Glenn’s passing at the age of 95 is just another reminder that the era of infinite possibility

New PISA Test Results: Argentina for the win!

This table is sorted in order of scores on Science, [...]

James D. Watson Still Banned from Polite Society

Jerry Coyne points out that an invitation to James D. [...]

Our Dumb World: IQ And The Wealth Of Nations (Cont.)

For a really good chew-over of this ever-interesting topic, Greg [...]

From The Derbyshire Email Bag (4) “How To Turn Puerto Rico Into Hong Kong”

ROFL headline of the week: How to turn Puerto Rico [...]

From The Derbyshire Email Bag (3) Cape Town Girl Is “Africa’s Top Young Mathematician”

This one comes under the general heading “HBD Watch.” I [...]

Sailer in Taki’s: “Crevasses in the Classroom”

From my new column in Taki’s Magazine about a huge [...]