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DACA Deal Odds Update: Disaster-Deadlock Now 50-%-50%

Recently, based on Beltway sources, I reported that the odds [...]

Abolishing America (cont.): Charlottesville Council Votes To Remove Lee Statue—GOP (!!) Gubernatorial Candidate Opposes!

Charlottesville City Council on Monday night voted 3-2 to remove and sell an historic statue of Robert E

US Flag No Different From Confederate Flag As Far As Schools And Colleges Are Concerned

Part of the hysteria in Oklahoma was caused by the [...]

Abolishing America (contd.): Obama Regime Bans Oklahoma Land Run Reenactments

“Oklahoma Land Openings”—courtesy of the Oklahoma Historical Society The Oklahoma Land Run was one of the most incredible episodes

Thanksgiving Is Racist Because America Is Racist. But Says: Have A Happy Thanksgiving Anyway!

Thanksgiving is racist. How do I know this? Because America is.

Abolishing America (contd.): Police Emblems Go The Way Of Geo. Washington

[Also by David Walsh: CPAC Cymptoms] In addition to the other disconcerting signs of