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My heartfelt thanks to readers who are rallying to help us make our $60,000 year-end fundraising goal.

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I hope to post a State of the Immigration Debate round-up early in the New Year. But here’s one point I’ll be making:

The Treason Lobby is now making a lot of noise about slipping its Amnesty/ Immigration Surge agenda via parliamentary maneuver in 2014.

Of course they lie all the time—remember how passing the Amnesty/ Immigration Surge in 2013 was going to be a triumphal cakewalk?

But it’s very clear that the GOP Leadership really wants to pass something too . Only fear of grassroots rebellion has held them in check…so far.

Why would the GOP leaders want to commit electoral suicide?—which we’ve repeatedly documented on is what current immigration policy (let alone this Amnesty/ Immigration Surge proposal) actually means.

“Owners of capital”=donors, hirers of lobbyists, keynote speakers, post-Congress board memberships etc. etc.

Speaker John Boehner perhaps figures he can retire to a gated community (golf course attached).

But for Americans who are not able to retire, or who have children—or are just, you know, patriots —the example of the last massive unread legislative package to be jammed down Congress’ throat is profoundly instructive.

The entire political world is watching in fascinated horror as the Obamacare debacle unfolds.

So many unforeseen consequences already resulted that the Obama Administration has had to rewrite the law unilaterally in a way that even Establishment Conservative Beltway types have been forced to acknowledge is unconstitutional—exactly what pointed out about Obama’s enactment of the DREAM Administrative Amnesty over three years ago.

And this is just the beginning. As one observer has quipped:

"Once the employer mandate kicks in they'll be hunting Democrats with dogs in this country."

But the unintended consequences of the Amnesty/ Immigration Surge legislation will be far greater than Obamacare.

Eventually, it will end with Americans hunting their entire political class with dogs.

And they won’t be convivial canines like Ulrich von Dog either.

Peter Brimelow relaxing with Ulrich von Dog after long day in office.

My point: whatever they may think inside the Beltway or in the Main Stream Media, reality is real. Passing the Amnesty/ Immigration Surge package won’t “get immigration behind” anyone—except in the sense that it will bite them in the buttocks.

My conclusion: America is headed for wild times. has long predicted it. And now it’s happening.

I believe that is uniquely placed to help America through this extremely unpleasant (and totally unnecessary) immigration disaster.

But we can only do it with your help.

Please give as generously as you can—now!

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