Tom Wolfe`s “Back To Blood:” Buckle Up, Folks, It`s Going To Be A Bumpy Ride

I just picked up my copy of Tom Wolfe`s first new novel in eight years, Back To Blood(a story of 21st Century Miami), and opened it at random. Here`s the first paragraph I read (on p. 181): Now he looked directly at Ghislaine [a Miami girl ...

Blog - Steve Sailer - 10/24/12, 3:20 am

GOP’s Problem Is Low White Share—And “Comprehensive Immigration Reform” Won’t Help

[ note: Adapted from Steve Sailer’s presentation to’s first-ever Webinar, January 19, 2013. For other presentations, seehere and here. Recordings will be available in a few days—or information when available, email ...

Article - Steve Sailer - 02/18/13, 9:44 am

RIP Ed Koch—”Passionate Jew,” Confused American

The death of Ed Koch, mayor of New York City 1978-1989, has been greeted with ululations by the New York-oriented Main Stream Media. But, typically, no-one except View From The Right`s Lawrence Auster seems to have noted the paradox of Koch`s ...

Blog - Peter Brimelow - 02/03/13, 10:09 pm