Thanks, Thomas Sowell!—But The War on Whites is Nothing New

The great Thomas Sowell kindly recognized me in a recent syndicated column for showing there is a low-level race war raging in what used to be our country—racially-motivated black violence that deliberately targets the white historic American ...

Article - Paul Kersey - 11/08/13, 6:28 am

Human Capital—A Chat With Thomas Sowell

A chat with Thomas Sowell (1998)Originally published in Forbes Magazine, July 6, 1998 Happy Birthday Thomas Sowell! Peter Brimelow writes: Happy Birthday Thomas Sowell! The famous black conservative economist was born June 30 1930. We just ...

Article - Peter Brimelow - 07/01/12, 7:38 am

The Fulford File: Why No Dillingham Commission Before Gangsters’ Amnesty/ Immigration Surge Bill?

Dr. Thomas Sowell referred in his latest column [Abstract Immigrants, June 4, 2013] to the Dillingham Commission—technically the United States. Immigration Commission, which sat from 1907-1910 to examine the state of immigration to the US during ...

Article - James Fulford - 06/05/13, 6:08 am

A California Reader Asks About A Black Conservative Preacher

Re: James Fulford’s blog post Anti-White Racism—Another Ugly Root Of Immigration Enthusiasm From: An Anonymous California Reader [Email him] Thanks to James Fulford for his insightful and well documented articles on this and related topics at ...

Letters - Reader - 03/09/13, 5:20 am

Black Leaders (?) And Assimilation

Several years ago I wrote a blog about the sheer impossibility of assimilation for many of today`s human flood in places like southern California. (There are too few native-born Americans among them for the immigrants to assimilate ...

Blog - Paul Nachman - 01/09/13, 1:23 am