CPAC Day Two: The Dam Breaks!

[See also: CPAC`s Immigration Panel—Wishful Thinking, Lies, And Attacking The Base,  and CPAC 2013: Conservatism Inc. vs. Libertarianism Inc.? by James Kirkpatrick. Follow Kirkpatrick’s tweets from CPAC here] The 2013 Conservative ...

Article - James Kirkpatrick - 03/16/13, 4:14 am

Ann Coulter’s MUGGED And The Southern Strategy

[See also Ann Coulter`s MUGGED: Far Better Than The MSM Controversy Suggests, by Alexander Hart ] In my review of Ann Coulter’s otherwise excellent book Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama, I bemoaned her tendency to engage ...

Article - Alexander Hart - 10/19/12, 7:13 am