Defining America Down—Jose Antonio Vargas (Yech!) And What`s At Stake In The Latest Amnesty/ Immigration Surge War

The great Amnesty/ Immigration Surge battle of 2013 is about to begin. (Maybe).  What`s at stake is not simply policies or regulations. Congress is in effect about to determine what it means to be “American.” If this year`s treason has a ...

Article - James Kirkpatrick - 04/16/13, 7:42 am

John Derbyshire’s Address to the First Webinar: Our Job Is To Combat “Anosognosia” BY SQUIRTING ICE-COLD WATER INTO SOCIETY`S LEFT EAR

[This is adapted from an address by John Derbyshire to the First Webinar on January 19 2013. We hope to make recordings available shortly. For information when available, email with “Webinar recording” in subject ...

Article - John Derbyshire - 01/24/13, 5:24 am