SCOTUS On Arizona’s SB 1070: A Victory…If Immigration Patriots Can Make It One

Some supporters and opponents of SB 1070 have claimed the Supreme Court’s ruling was a victory. And some supporters and opponents have also claimed it was a defeat. This is to be expected, as the ruling was mixed. (There’s speculation that ...

Article - Washington Watcher - 06/27/12, 6:28 am

Republican Rout In Virginia—Even Before The Election

Immigration patriots—meaning real Americans—can only view the top GOP politicians in the Old Dominion with pity and contempt. In March, gubernatorial nominee Ken Cuccinelli scrubbed his website of its immigration page. [Ken Cuccinelli’s ...

Article - A.W. Morgan - 07/30/13, 7:22 am

Federal Court Cases Against Sheriff Joe Arpaio Seek to Break Patriotic Immigration Reform Movement’s Will

The federal civil trial of Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio began last week. The historic American nation stands beside him in the dock. Arpaio is charged with “racially profiling” Hispanics and thereby violating their civil rights: The ...

Article - Nicholas Stix - 07/23/12, 6:35 am