John Derbyshire: Worse Than America! Lampedusa And European Elite’s Suicidal Insouciance

In the space of a few weeks there, two news stories came along with an obvious connection between them. Outside the sphere of Dissident Right websites, however, the connection was not made. Respectable persons all over the Western world are now ...

Article - John Derbyshire - 10/31/13, 3:36 am

The Fulford File | Communism, Socialism, Cultural Marxism, Democratic Hegemonists, Crony Capitalism, Ethnic Agendas, Treason Etc.—The “Ugly Roots” Of Immigration Enthusiasm

A number of “Hispanic Republicans” a.k.a. professional ethnics/ Treason Lobby shills recently launched what is obviously an orchestrated guilt-by-association smear of CIS, FAIR, NumbersUSA and immigration patriots in general on the grounds that ...

Article - James Fulford - 03/04/13, 10:40 am

Peter Brimelow’s “Time To Rethink Immigration”—The Twenty Year Anniversary Edition

[See also Time To Rethink Immigration (II): Freeing America From The Immigration Gulag, By Peter Brimelow, June 5, 2006] James Fulford writes: Today, Mitt Romney has come out with a disastrous immigration statement that  panders to Hispanics, ...

Article - Peter Brimelow - 06/22/12, 6:45 am