National Data | December Jobs: Hispanics And Immigrants Are The Only Winners. And an Immigration Moratorium Could Have Cut Unemployment In Half.

From a distance i.e. from the Main Stream Media’s viewpoint, the December employment report released Friday [PDF] shows an economy continuing to expand at a gradual pace. The 155,000 jobs added by U.S. employers were enough to keep up with growth ...

Article - Edwin S. Rubenstein - 01/08/13, 7:18 am

Memo From Middle America | Will Senators Lugar And Hatch, Both Immigration Duds, Be Sent Packing?

The MSM seems to thinks Indiana Senator Richard Lugar will lose the GOP nomination to state treasurer Richard Mourdock, who is backed by Tea Party elements, on May 8. The Christian Science Monitor is even trying to incite him to make a third party ...

Article - Allan Wall - 05/08/12, 7:29 am