Yes, Opposition To Amnesty Is “Racial”—But Whites a.k.a. Americans Have Rights Too

A sage once noted that the modern definition of racism is anyone winning an argument with a liberal. By the same token, the Patriot wing of the GOP appears to be winning its war with the Treason Lobby wing: Some Republicans See Racism As a Factor in ...

Blog - Peter Brimelow - 02/05/14, 5:55 am

Chuck Baldwin: The “Lesser Evils” I Will Not Vote For

After then-Congressman Joe Scarborough convinced me to endorse the neocon Bob Dole for President back in 1996, I vowed to myself that I would  never vote for “the lesser of two evils” again. I haven’t; and I won’t. Almost anytime one ...

Article - Chuck Baldwin - 08/30/13, 3:47 am

The Upcoming Bomb Brother Trial: Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Dzhokhar

[With apologies to Wallace Stevens] [ note: This is a satire, satire, satire, SATIRE! It’s not 2014 yet, Lindsey Graham has not revealed himself as perfectly scrumptious, and no Bomb Brother acquittal has been announced (yet). However, ...

Article - Steve Sailer - 05/01/13, 5:54 am

Amnesty And The GOP’s Treasonous Gang Of Four

Contrary to what we’re incessantly told by the Main Stream Media, it’s not in the least surprising that Senators Jeff Flake (R.-AZ), Lindsey Graham (R.-SC), John McCain, (R.-AZ), and Marco Rubio (R.-FL), became the Republican half of the ...

Article - Washington Watcher - 02/04/13, 6:08 am

The Fulford File | White Share Update: BOSTON GLOBE’s Renee Loth Wrong On “The GOP’s Demographics Problem”—Romney COULD Win With The White Vote, He Just Hasn’t Tried

GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s share of the white vote—a.k.a. the votes of the historic American nation—is discussed in the Main Stream Media only as an embarrassment. The MSM apparently thinks Romney has too many white supporters. ...

Article - James Fulford - 10/14/12, 6:47 am

Silver-Plate Lining? Romney Not The Worst From Immigration Patriot Viewpoint

Well, that settles it: Mitt Romney is going to be the next GOP Presidential nominee. GOP voters don’t like him much, but Rick Santorum and/or Ron Paul needed a miracle to derail him, and they didn’t get it, or at least not enough of a miracle. ...

Article - Washington Watcher - 01/04/12, 9:21 am