A Reader, Kris Kobach Fan, Catches NEW YORK TIMES In A Textbook Case Of Anti-Patriot Bias

From: An Anonymous Kobach Fan [Email him] Kris W. Kobach, Kansas Secretary of State, Republican and immigration patriot, is the subject of an NYT “news” story titled—get this— Kansas Official Holds Line Against Moderation in ...

Letters - Reader - 07/19/13, 6:20 am

Cheap Labor Lobby Attacks Kansans (Or Treason Lobby Attacks Kris Kobach?)

Target: Kris Kobach (and his People)? Kansans are enjoying the fruits of a relatively strong economy, it appears. So the Slave Power/Cheap Labor Lobby is conniving to take them away. Predictably, the Wall Street Journal is doing ...

Article - Patrick Cleburne - 01/26/13, 6:11 am

Hispanics Are Hopeless—Time For Romney To Consult Kris Kobach

As in every recent election, Americans have been barraged with stories about the Hispanic swing vote, and how crucial it is this year.  Here are a few recent headlines Latino Vote Could be Decisive in Swing States Fox News Latino, October ...

Article - Washington Watcher - 10/12/12, 6:54 am

Kris Kobach vs Heidi Beirich

It`s hard not to be impressed by the almost comically gifted immigration opponent Kris Kobach (Harvard, Yale and Oxford? I mean, really? All three? And he has to look like Harry Hamlin on top of all that?). Impressive he is, though, and his ...

Blog - Anonymous Attorney - 10/01/11, 8:48 am

Federal Court Cases Against Sheriff Joe Arpaio Seek to Break Patriotic Immigration Reform Movement’s Will

The federal civil trial of Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio began last week. The historic American nation stands beside him in the dock. Arpaio is charged with “racially profiling” Hispanics and thereby violating their civil rights: The ...

Article - Nicholas Stix - 07/23/12, 6:35 am

“High Fences, Wide Gates”: CPAC Continues Immigration Cop-Out

As others at have written (see here and here), our Peter Brimelow’s presence on a panel at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) occasioned outrage from the Left. And, predictably, the Mainstream Media is dutifully ...

Article - Washington Watcher - 02/13/12, 8:49 am