Five Shot In Tulsa—What`s Hmong With This Picture?

Not an immigrant mass murder, because no one is actually dead, but part of the same phenomenon:5 injured in shooting at Hmong celebration in Tulsa, OklahomaBy AnneClaire Stapleton, CNNOctober 13, 2013(CNN) -- A man walked in and opened fire at a ...

Blog - James Fulford - 10/13/13, 10:49 pm

Tinley Park Five Get (Some) Jail—But Where Is DOJ’s Eric (“My People”) Holder?

When a gang of some eighteen self-styled anarchists, part of the Anti-Racist Action leftist militant network, launched an unprovoked assault with deadly weapons on alleged members of Stormfront, a white supremacist/neo-Nazi/whatever group and ...

Article - Nicholas Stix - 01/09/13, 7:36 am