U.S. Border Unenforceable, But Detroit`s 8 Mile Road Is Airtight?

To encourage other Americans to move to Detroit would be racist, so the white Republican governor of Michigan is attempting to elect a new people in Detroit by demanding from the Obama Administration special visas for immigrants to Detroit, whom ...

Blog - Steve Sailer - 01/25/14, 7:46 pm

The Fulford File | More (Coordinated) Attacks On John Derbyshire, And

John Derbyshire and are both being attacked by raging pundits again. See Google News for more. It started with this in the Atlantic Wire by Elspeth Reeve [Email her/Twitter]: Racism for Dollars: John Derbyshire Turns White Supremacist ...

Article - James Fulford - 05/16/12, 9:09 am