The Fulford File | The Curse Of Stein And THE DAILY CALLER’s Neil Munro Editor Peter Brimelow calls it “The Curse of Stein”—not that it’s really FAIR President Dan Stein’s fault. Back in the nineties, after Brimelow wrote the National Review cover story that evolved into Alien Nation, Stein asked him ...

Article - James Fulford - 01/15/13, 6:30 am

Peter Brimelow: Israel, Greece Show Mitt Romney How To Handle Illegal Immigration

Peter Brimelow writes: This is the talk I just gave to The Social Contract’s 2012 Writers Workshop on Sunday (Sept. 30). The video itelf is here. Many thanks to everyone at TSC. Let me start off with good, or at any rate interesting, news: Mitt ...

Article - Peter Brimelow - 10/02/12, 10:09 am