Jeb Bush And Clint Bolick “Forging” A Solution To A Visa Problem That Doesn’t Exist—By Fudging The Facts

Jeb Bush and Clint Bolick (authors of Immigration Wars: Forging an American Solution )did a standard Treason Lobby  op-ed in the WSJ, "A Republican Case for Immigration Reform," [July 1, 2013] making their case for open immigration that will ...

Blog - James Fulford - 07/08/13, 7:44 pm

John Derbyshire Concludes: Jeb Bush Just Doesn’t Like Americans Very Much

As you read through a book, as the pages clock by, hints of the author’s underlying attitudes accumulate until, by halfway through the thing, you have a clear picture of those attitudes.  In the case of a certain type of author—a person ...

Article - John Derbyshire - 03/07/13, 6:29 am