IQ and the Wealth of Nations: Richard Lynn Replies to Ron Unz

[See also Helmuth Nyborg’s Reply to Ron Unz and Has Ron Unz Refuted “Hard Hereditarianism”?]Cross posted at American RenaissanceRon Unz has made a number of criticisms of our work first published in IQ and the Wealth of ...

Article - Richard Lynn - 08/03/12, 3:57 am

John Harvey’s Race And Equality: The “Standard Social Science Model” is W-R-O-N-G

 [Peter Brimelow writes: As an intellectual episode, the repression of race realism over the last sixty or seventy years can only be compared to Copernicus and Galileo. But Copernicus and Galileo did not have the internet or the modern ...

Article - Richard Lynn - 04/04/12, 7:41 am