John Derbyshire: “Racism” (The Word) Becoming Obsolete Because Of Racism—Anti-White, That Is

Now here’s an interesting thing. Using the handy Google Ngram Viewer, which shows you how the frequency of words and phrases has changed over time in “lots of books” (the ones archived in Google Books), I see that racism is in decline! The ...

Article - John Derbyshire - 02/21/14, 7:19 am

Rushton’s Legacy Versus Modern “Skeptics”—Skeptical About Everything But IQ Denialism

I discussed the late J. Philippe Rushton`s racial evolution theory in some detail in my book Apes Or Angels? (See Steve Sailer’s review here). It is a theory which fits Darwinian conditions and accounts for significant group differences ...

Article - Cornelius J. Troost - 10/11/12, 8:12 am

American Anti-Intellectualism? Russell Jacoby, David Gelernter, And The “Anti-Semitic” Canard

I won’t beat around the bush. I’ve known Russell Jacoby[Email him] now a septuagenarian fixture at UCLA, for about twenty-five years. Both of us served on the editorial board of Telos magazine and were present at some of the same board meetings. ...

Article - Paul Gottfried - 08/07/12, 6:28 am

John Derbyshire: Who Are We?—The “Dissident Right”?

[Peter Brimelow writes: John Derbyshire has begun his second round of chemotherapy since being fired from National Review, but we are delighted to say he was able to write this column for us this after emerging from his first day of treatment, a ...

Article - John Derbyshire - 05/10/12, 9:36 am