Claes Ryn, Allan Bloom, Leo Strauss, And Me

[See also by Paul Gottfried:  Leo Strauss, Immigration, And Israel]  Every now and then, I receive an online “epistola” from the National Humanities Institute, an organization that presents itself as “culturally conservative” and whose ...

Article - Paul Gottfried - 09/20/13, 6:22 am

CPAC 2013: Conservatism Inc. vs. Libertarianism Inc.?

 [On CPAC in 2012, see: “High Fences, Wide Gates”: CPAC Continues Immigration Cop-Out, by Washington Watcher]  "Every great cause begins as a movement, becomes a business, and eventually degenerates into a racket,” Eric Hoffer is ...

Article - James Kirkpatrick - 03/14/13, 6:33 am

Peter Brimelow’s “Time To Rethink Immigration”—The Twenty Year Anniversary Edition

[See also Time To Rethink Immigration (II): Freeing America From The Immigration Gulag, By Peter Brimelow, June 5, 2006] James Fulford writes: Today, Mitt Romney has come out with a disastrous immigration statement that  panders to Hispanics, ...

Article - Peter Brimelow - 06/22/12, 6:45 am

Leo Strauss, Immigration, And Israel

[See also: Leo Strauss—Immigration Enthusiast? By John Venn] A question that may have occurred to those who have read my book Leo Strauss and the Conservative Movement in America is whether Strauss and his followers have influenced the view of ...

Article - Paul Gottfried - 03/20/12, 6:56 am

Why Do Patriots Hate National Review?

Peter Brimelow writes: The tree-based National Review has just published a cover story entitled Keeping Blacks Poor by staff writer Kevin D. Williamson, [subscriber link] with the picture you see on the left.  It`s a piece of harmless, quite ...

Article - Peter Brimelow - 01/26/10, 9:00 am

Time to Rethink Immigration?

Mr. Brimelow is Editor at (first published in National Review, June 22, 1992) DANTE would have been delighted by the Immigration and Naturalization Service waiting rooms. They would have provided him with a tenth Circle of Hell. ...

Article - Peter Brimelow - 06/22/92, 10:19 pm