Federal Judge Nicholas Garaufis Replaced On The “Vulcan Society” Case

Federal judge Nicholas Garaufis, who made a "finding of law" that the New York City Fire Department was racist, has been replaced on the case by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals.  It`s a rare move for an appeals court. See U.S. COURT OF ...

Blog - Anonymous Attorney - 06/24/13, 9:12 am

When Does the White Working Class Get Amnestied?

Late Friday afternoon, there were reports that the Gang of Eight’s secret plotting to work out the details of the bipartisan 2013 Obama/ Rubio Amnesty/ Immigration surge is stalled—because labor unions are balking at a business lobbyist/ ...

Article - Nicholas Stix - 03/23/13, 6:28 am

“How Does It Feel To Be A Black Person In Society?” Pretty Good, If You`re A Federal Judge!

Steve Sailer quotes the NYT below: [Judge Nicholas Garaufis, a]product of the machine-driven world of Queens politics, he fiercely opposed federally mandated integration efforts as a young school board member from a mostly white district in the ...

Blog - James Fulford - 10/08/12, 8:49 pm

A Reader Points Out That The FDNY Has Been Attacked By Both Al Qaeda And The Bush Administration

Re: Steve Sailer’s blog post FDNY Passes La Griffe 101—Make The Test So Easy Everbody Passes It, Then Hire Who You Like From: Reginald De Chantillon  [Email him] So sad...and typical. First the heroic New York Fire Department is attacked by ...

Letters - Reader - 09/29/12, 7:52 am

Minority Victimhood Kicks In At 0.1 Percentile

There`s a fair amount of national chatter about the U. of Texas affirmative action case, but the far more revealing 5-year-old Vulcan Society v. Fire Department of New York lawsuit remains mostly of interest in the Outer Boroughs. The truth is ...

Blog - Steve Sailer - 02/25/12, 5:28 am