John Derbyshire On The HANDLE’S HAUS List Of PC Purgees—And Dogma, Dissent, And Duty

Finding oneself among distinguished company is always balm to the ego, even when the “among” consists only of seeing your name with theirs in some list. So there I was, blushing with pleasure at seeing my name on the list of “Bullied and ...

Article - John Derbyshire - 01/16/14, 9:29 am

POLITICO’s Samuelsohn Cheer-Leads Environmentalist Sell-Out (And We Mean Sell-Out) To Treason Lobby

The Senate has “opened debate” on S. 744, the nation-breaking Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill—the first crucial vote comes at 2.15 pm today, June 11—but the Main Stream Media knows that the only way it will pass is if debate is closed. ...

Article - Brenda Walker - 06/11/13, 7:31 am

Guess What?—Schumer-Rubio Ignores Collision Course Between Affirmative Action And Immigration

The Schumer-Rubio Amnesty/ Immigration Surge Bill emerged from the Senate Judiciary committee May 21st. The full Senate will consider a motion to vote on the bill (after having first, of course, pondered a motion to vote on the motion to vote) next ...

Article - John Derbyshire - 06/06/13, 7:35 am

Democrat Says Boston Shows Madness Of Gang Of Eight’s Amnesty/ Immigration Surge

You can take any ideological position you wish on immigration reform.  After all, it’s still a free country, although for how long is a good question. However, the mad push by the Gang of Eight reminds me of the madness of another Gang—the ...

Article - Donald A. Collins - 04/21/13, 4:34 am

Democrat Says Given US Unemployment, Overcrowding, Another Amnesty Now Would Be Real Chutzpah

The latest employment figures for March showed only 88,000 new jobs and employment in Europe hit 12%.  Passing another amnesty, now dubbed Comprehensive Immigration Reform or CIR, represents a level of chutzpah that even the most liberal ...

Article - Donald A. Collins - 04/08/13, 7:52 am

A Texas Businessman Makes Two Good Points About Mexicans

Recently, I attended the Center for Immigration’s highly useful annual luncheon at which is presented the 2012 Eugene Katz Award For Excellence in the Coverage of Immigration. (This year’s winner: The Daily’s reporter Sarah Ryley).[See ...

Article - Donald A. Collins - 06/12/12, 1:45 am