Radio Derb: South Africa Slowly Collapses, it’s 1984 AGAIN, Etc

01m18s — Europe’s big issue is …. capitalism? (And the threat to public order is from the right?)

07m43s — Stories from retail politics. (No war, no treason.)

13m08s — South Africa: Zimbabwe in slow motion. (The ANC goes anti-white.)

21m36s — Trump lays it on thick. (While a patriot dies.)

27m28s — Moravec’s Paradox takes another hit. (Face to face with AI.)

34m30s — Down among the luvvies. (Getting Orwell not even wrong.)

47m26s — Another populist victory. (Please don’t invade Europe again.)

49m13s — Reductio ad Hitlerum ad absurdum. (An unlikely Führerin.)

51m35s — Tre, Pol, and Pen get mad. (The latest terrorist threat.)

53m27s — Signoff. (Gender-neutral.)

01 — Intro. And Radio Derb is on the air! Greetings, listeners, from your dramaturgically genial host John Derbyshire, here with some notes and reflections on the passing charivari.

We’re deep into the Silly Season here news-wise, listeners. The President’s out of the country, the congresscritters are fidgeting and checking their airline schedules. Your neighbor’s at the beach (where he might run into a state governor or two) and your kids are serving scoops at the local ice cream parlor, unless the owner brought in his third cousin from Bangladesh on an H-2B visa to do the job.

Stuff’s happening, though, stuff’s always happening somewhere. Let’s start by following our President on his travels, to Europe.

02 — Europe’s big issue is … capitalism? The G-20 summit ended in Hamburg last Saturday, attended by our President and other worthies.

That’s one of those headlines that, when you see in a news outlet, you feel you eyes glazing over, & pass right on to something with a bit more flavor to it. What is the G-20, anyway? What were they summitting about? I didn’t know, had to look it up.

OK: The “20” in “G-20” is twenty countries with big economies — precisely, 19 countries and the European Union, although France, Germany, Italy and Britain are also included in the 19, so I guess they’re represented twice over. The point of the thing is global financial stability. It started up after the global financial ructions of the late 1990s.

The summitting is the main thing they do, far as I can gather. Each summit is a two-day affair. This year’s was last Friday-Saturday in Hamburg; last year’s was in China; next year’s looks like Argentina. They have a website,, and a slogan, “Shaping an Interconnected World,” and probably a T-shirt and a coffee mug you can buy, I don’t know.

Sure, it still doesn’t get the juices flowing. There just isn’t any way to make global financial management interesting. You can’t deny it’s important, though, so Radio Derb is doing a public service here by explaining it. You’re welcome!

The newsiest thing about this year’s summit was the antifa demonstrations against the show. Several tens of thousands of people showed up to protest the G-20 summit, and a big subset of them were antifa types: anarchists and other extreme-left types who hate capitalism, especially hate the U.S.A., and especially-especially hate our current President.

Cars were torched; stores were looted; Molotov cocktails were thrown. Twenty thousand police were deployed — twenty thousand. They used baton charges and water cannon against the antifa.