Radio Derb: Immigration Policy–Derbian Minimalism And The RAISE Act, Etc.


02m37s — The Derb Immigration Primer. (Immigrants, guest workers, visitors.)

06m38s — Derbian Minimalism. (A rational immigration policy.)

13m37s — Antiwhite capitalism. (The immigration policy we actually have.)

18m51s — Immigration ignorance. (Please don’t make us talk about it.)

29m30s — Immigration sentimentality. (The case for dynamiting Ellis Island.)

32m07s — Trumpian immigration reform. (A curate’s egg.)

38m10s — Battle is joined!  (Up and at ’em!)

42m16s — Affirmative action. (For … Asians?)

45m11s — Our military fights World War T. (Without Cpl. Klinger.)

46m54s — Dunkirk and Britain’s destruction. (Murder or suicide?)

49m30s — Signoff. (Mind the gap.)