Imperial beach Apprehensions

Antidote To Jeb Bush’s Lying Refusal To Build Fence: Ask Israel. Or Read Daniel Horowitz

Jeb Bush went down to the Mexican border last week. [...]

Mexico Files Amicus Brief in Texas Anchor Baby Case

A group of illegal alien parents is currently suing the [...]

NYT: “The Virginia Shooter Wanted Fame. Let’s Not Give It to Him.”

From the NYT Op-Ed Page: The Opinion Pages | CONTRIBUTING [...]

In Memoriam: Tatu Vanhanen

Finnish political scientist Tatu Vanhanen has died at age 86 [...]

Was the Black-On-White On-Air Virginia Shooting a Hate Crime, Terrorism, or an Excuse to Ignore the Obvious?

Commenter black sea observes: The narrative has already been set. [...]

Tom Friedman: “Bonfire of the Assets, with Trump Lighting Matches”

Above, a picture of NYT columnist  Tom Friedman’s house. From [...]

In Defense Of Jeb Bush–Asian Birth Tourism Is A Real Problem!

Jeb was right to point out Asian culpability in ripping [...]

Taking The Seventh–Thoughts On The Ashley Madison Hack

The full transcript and sound file for the August 21st [...]

Black Affirmative Action Hires Prove Costly, Deadly–But Watch How Media Spins It

It’s been a rough week for affirmative action in the [...]

DAILY MAIL Vs NYT Headlines On Black Shooter: A Tale of Two Newspapers

Try to guess which excerpt is from the New York [...]