Oil Arabs Would Like to Help Their Syrian Brethren, But, You Know …

In my continuing coverage of how the Gulf Arabs want [...]

Annals of Noticing: Videos of the Last 8 Olympic 100 Meter Dash Finals Show 64 Out of 64 Finalists Were Black

The most striking statistic in human biodiversity studies was, to [...]
Telegraph Headline: Angela Merkel 'firm favourite' for Nobel prize over refugee crisis - but losing favour in Germany

If Angela Merkel Wins the Nobel Peace Prize …

… she really ought to donate the money she gets [...]

Gulf Arabs Can’t Afford to Help Muslim Refugees Because “The Economy of Beverly Hills Needs Those Misbehaving Saudi Princes and Porsches”

From the Los Angeles Times: The economy of Beverly Hills [...]
German police were brought in to chill the violence when 400 aliens rioted recently in the Calden camp.

Germany: Open Borders Experiment Fails Reality Check

What was Chancellor Angela Merkel thinking when she said Germany [...]

LA Times Claims “White Supremacy” Ties On Black Shooter

The LA Times assures us in a headline and the [...]

No Drivers Need Apply! Automated Transportation Technology Advances

In Greece, (where the unemployment rate in June was 25.2 [...]

WaPo: “Born That Way? ‘Scientific’ Racism Is Creeping Back Into Our Thinking. Here’s What to Watch Out for.”

As we all know liberal-progressive ideology is strongly pro-Science! Except [...]
Hungary Croatia

Refugee Blocking Bill H.R. 3314 Gains Cosponsors – And Trey Gowdy Mystery Solved!

[H/T Photo Refugee Resettlement Watch: “Look closely! What do you [...]

‘ILLEGALS COULD ELECT HILLARY’–Not Because They Vote, But Because Of Apportionment

'ILLEGALS COULD ELECT HILLARY' is the screaming headline on the [...]