Steve Curtis

Peter Brimelow on KLZ560 Wake Up Radio With Steve Curtis From 9 AM–Tune In!

Tune in here! Updated: Already posted on SoundCloud–click to listen, [...]

2Kevins With Grace & Steel: Rubio: Invade the World, Invite the World, This Time We Really Mean It

    Episode 24 of my podcast with Kevin Steel [...]

Hmmm…Trump Agrees With Brimelow On “Conservatism”

I wrote a while ago that I’ve had a soft [...]
A noticeably increased police presence has been seen in San Francisco and Santa Clara.

San Francisco Bay Area Endures Security-Strangled Super Bowl Because The Threat Of (Muslim Immigrant) Terror

Major sporting events are a huge magnet for jihad terror [...]
"Clamp was originally supposed to be the megalomaniac villain of the piece, but...he ended up becoming a semi-heroic figure," Remind you of anyone?

What “Gremlins 2: The New Batch” Reveals About the Presidential Race

A 26-year-old movie that offers a surprisingly direct insight into [...]
Was Baltimore not part of the "Ferguson Effect"?

Study: No “Systematic” Ferguson Effect, Just More Robbery and Murder

Via Robert VerBruggen in Real Clear Policy, from the Journal [...]

Tweeting The GOP Debate Last Night

Noticing, in real time, what a lot of people noticed–but [...]

Immigration Briefing Book: Theme Of The Latest Edition Of THE SOCIAL CONTRACT

The latest issue of The Social Contract (Winter 2016) is [...]

Whether Vouchers Are Good Or Bad, D.C. Voters Don’t Know What’s Best For D.C. ran the following headline: Cruz wants to force D.C. [...]
The scene of the crime

“Sexual Emergency”—Two Months After Austrian Boy, 10, was Savagely Raped at Indoor Public Pool by an Iraqi “Refugee,” Viennese Police Finally Acknowledge Crime

Re-posted and translated from the German by Nicholas Stix (Original [...]
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