Addendum To “Anti-Trump TURBAS Are America’s Future”—Contra Mesa Mexifornians Also Mobbed Ann Coulter, Eliciting World-Class Quip

Just added this to my These Anti-Trump TURBAS Are America’s [...]

Radio Derb Is On The Air: If A Turk Wants To Pick Up The Check—Let Him! (10-plus Items)

Radio Derb is on the air–go here to listen, here [...]
Above, mass murderer Syed Rizwan Farook (far left) and family members (from left to right): brother Syed Raheel Farook, brother-in-law Farhan Khan and mother Rafia Farook.

Family Members Of San Bernardino Terrorists Arrested For Immigration Fraud

On Thursday, the feds arrested three family members of the [...]
Illegal alien criminals keep coming because even murderers get to stay.

House Hearing Investigates Administration’s Abandonment of Incarcerating and/or Deporting Illegal Alien Criminals

On Thursday, the House Oversight held a hearing, Criminals Aliens [...]
This image, including a pixelated slur, was drawn by a black person.

Yet Another Hate Hoax on Campus: Black Students Drew On White Board At Salisbury University

From USA Today: Black students connected in SU racist drawing [...]

Comments At The GUARDIAN Reveal Their Ten Worst, Most Hateful Writers (Women And Minorities) And Their Ten Most Rational, Unobjectionable Writers (White Males)

The New York Times, which still has comments for now, [...]

Mayor de Blasio in Trouble Over Consultants

From City Journal: De Blasio on Defense The Gotham [...]
Compare this to Michelle Fields's bruised arm

Breaking News! A Reader Reporting From The Bloody Costa Mesa Anti-Trump Riot

Compare this to Michelle Fields's bruised arm See also Mexican Flag-waving Mob Harassing Motorists Outside Trump Rally in Costa

Mexican Flag-waving Mob Harassing Motorists Outside Trump Rally in Costa Mesa, CA

The picture above is from an anti-Trump procession going on [...]

Billionaires’ Choice for President, General Mattis, Was on Theranos’s Board

From the Daily Beast: CALL OF DUTY 04.07.16 10:15 PM [...]