A French housing project--the inhabitants are playing soccer, not basketball.

NEW YORKER Article On Black And Arab Non-Assimilation In France Contains No Reference To Current Invasion Flotillas

From The New Yorker: Our Far-Flung Correspondents AUGUST 31, 2015 [...]

¡Jeb! Shows How Not to Hit Back at Trump

In Spanish Self-pityingly With no sense of humor With the [...]
Bush takes questions at a Spanish-language school in Little Havana.

Campaign Strategy Memo to ¡Jeb!: Spanish Is Uncool, Even to Spanish-speakers

I understand why Jeb Bush would assume that his campaigning [...]
Obviously, he's the real victim

Elderly Couple In Sicily Killed By African “Refugee”; Immigration Bureaucrats Worried About Bad Press

Another brilliant success for the pro-invasion forces who seek to [...]
A fictionalized portrayal of the Scopes Monkey Trial, which was a put-up job anyway.

In A 1966 “Civil Rights” Case, The ACLU Argued Against The Theory Of Evolution They Defended In 1924

Steve Sailer defined liberal creationism as the view that “the [...]
All these people were brought to Storm Lake by meatpackers.

Watch Out, GOP: Iowa (Fueled By Cheap Labor) Is Going Hispanic, Too!

With one sentence in a story about Iowa’s demographic shift,  [...]

What Do Milwaukee, St. Louis, Baltimore, Washington, and New Orleans Have in Common? (Besides A Rising Murder Rate)

From the New York Times: Murder Rates Rising Sharply in [...]

Trump and Trigger Clickbait Generator at Female Gossip Site JEZEBEL

The important thing to remember about the Gawker media network [...]

Congratulations To’s Matthew Richer On The Birth Of His Daughter Olivia (Donald Trump’s Youngest Supporter ) writer Matthew Richer forwards the picture above, of his [...]

Jan Ting, Brave Patriotic Professor, Supports Trump Immigration Plan

If you were monitoring Google News for ‘Trump’ very closely [...]