Syrian refugees arrive in Louisville, KY. Whatever they're fleeing, it isn't starvation.

Refugee Resettlement Watch Roundup,November 28: Refugee Contractors Are Pulling Out All The Stops Because Paris Has Them Worried!

The Refugee Resettlement Watch roundup for the week ending November [...]
George Soros at the Munich Security Conference in 2011.

Russian Authorities Call Soros Foundation Threat to Russian “National Security”–When Will Europe And The US Catch On?

I’m surprised this took so long. The Russian Prosecutor General’s [...]

Firewatcher Update–Black Lady Firefighter, Hired At Age 40, Qualifies For Disability After 10 Days On Job

It’s not well-known, but on 9/11 the death toll included [...]

Fred Reed’s Wisdom On Police Shootings

Several days ago, John Derbyshire wrote at (That Laquan [...]
Donald Trump

Would Mass Deportation Be Impeded by Immigration Court Backlog?

Over at Fox News, Kelley Beaucar Vlahos has written an [...]
A Muslim woman passing McDonalds in Hamtramck. (At least, it's supposed to be a Muslim woman--but it could be anybody.)

“Now Their Days Are Gone”– A Majority Muslim City Council In Hamtramck

The Washington Post has an article about Hamtramck (pronouned Ham-tram-ik), [...]
(L) Stockholm Police Van after grenade attack. (R) Defusing grenade in Malmo

Is Importing Muslims Wise? Look At Sweden!

H/T photo Creeping Sharia With President Obama’s determination to use [...]
Muslim "migrants"throw stones at Macedonian policemen.

Macedonia: Invading Aliens Riot against Police as Soldiers Build Border Fence

The Muslim foreigners demanding a freebie first-world lifestyle in Germany [...]
Polish King Jan Sobieski saved Vienna (and Europe) from invading Muslims in 1683.

Dutch Citizens Protest Planned Asylum Center with Pig Parts

It’s good to see a creative response to the worsening [...]

Muslim U Of Missouri Professor Charged With “Grabbing 14-Year-Old Relative By The Hair And Dragging Her Out Of School For Not Wearing Hijab”

The Daily Mail gets stories that happen in America, but [...]