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real world evidence that Bush didn`t gain radically
among Hispanics
 – 11/17/04

It has quickly entered the conventional wisdom that Bush
won 44% of the Hispanic vote, up 9 points over 2000. But
as I`ve pointed out

, there`s very little real world vote total
evidence to support this.

Robert David Sullivan of Massachusetts`s Commonwealth
magazine put together

an interesting map of the U.S
. divided into ten
regions based on county-level voting patterns:

His "El Norte" region consists of most of
the heavily Hispanic counties in the U.S., running from
the Southern California coast, down to the Mexican
border and all the way along the border to Brownsville
on the Gulf of Mexico, as well as the upper Rio Grande
Valley in New Mexico and Colorado, Las Vegas, Denver,
and Miami.

In "El Norte" one-third of the population is
Hispanic, so if Bush really did do 9 points better than
in 2000 among Hispanics as the National Election Pool
exit poll claimed (post-rejiggering), then this is where
it should have shown up.

So, how did Bush do in El Norte?

Bush won 44.10% in the El Norte counties, up 3.33 points
versus 2000. In the whole nation, he won 51.03%, up 3.15

So he ran 0.18 points better in El Norte than in the
nation as a whole — i.e., virtually the same.

The real vote counts all suggest that Bush`s share of
the Hispanic vote rose about as much as his share of the
non-Hispanic white vote (+4), to somewhere in the upper

Neuphemism: "Our less-than-documented, long-term
visitors from Mexico” [
– 11/17/04

One of the latest euphemisms for illegal alien in the
anti- 200 article in the Arizona Republic

"The ads were brutally effective and succeeded in
scaring people. Not voters, but our
less-than-documented, long-term visitors from Mexico,
many of whom are now terrified to step outside their
houses to attend court appearances or to pick up the
phone and call police in the event of

domestic violence

Murderers Don`t Stop At The Rio Grande
] – 11/17/04

Bush Administration loves to spew that touchy-feely
rhetoric about family values not stopping at the border.

Here is
a story about some of the other “family values”
that are sneaking in.

Patrol Agents assigned to the Nogales Station
apprehended an illegal alien with an active warrant for
Felony Homicide
November 11, 2004].

Tucson sector of the Arizona Border Patrol arrested
2,494 illegal aliens with criminal records during the
month of October….an average of 80 criminal aliens per

November 3, 2004, Border Patrol spotted a man climbing
over the

International Boundary fence.
  They chased him,
captured him and enrolled him into the
Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System.

name is Ponciano Pineda-Guzman, a 41 year-old Mexican
national with a let`s say, checkered, past:

“…records revealed that he had an extensive

criminal background

A few
of Pineda`s convictions were

  • "Possession of a
    Controlled Substance for Sale"

    in 1985, with three years confinement

  • "Burglary"

    in 1993, with three years confinement.

were his “lesser” crimes, by the way.

“Records also indicated that Pineda had an active
warrant out for his arrest for `Homicide-Willfully
Kill a Non-family member with a Weapon` from Texas.”

Pineda-Guzman is being extradited to Texas to be
arraigned for his

murder charges.

Pineda-Guzman has been deported twice for his
crimes—only to sneak back in and commit more.

If we
maintain the status quo, Pineda-Guzman will eventually
be shipped back to Mexico. But he will lay low for a
couple of months and be back in the U.S. in time for


just hope he doesn`t murder

Santa Claus.