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Outsourcing Soccer In Holland [James
 – 04/25/05

In Holland, the coach of the Dutch
National soccer team, Marco Van Basten, is hoping to
naturalize speedily a young African soccer player from
the Ivory Coast. Salomon Kalou, so that Kalou can
represent Holland in the
World Cup.

However, he`s hit a snag. In
response to recent, ahem,

social problems
in Holland, the Dutch have actually
toughened their immigration laws. Now,

Salomon Kalou
, who has been in Holland only two
years, wouldn`t doesn`t qualify.

The Associated Press says the new
laws are "responding to a


public sentiment
blaming crime on immigrants."

But VDARE.COM readers know it`s more like responding to
a wave of crime,

committed by immigrants.

Basten argued that Kalou would make the Dutch team much
stronger, which would in turn be good for the nation.

guy doesn`t do anything wrong here, he speaks the
language and he pays his taxes," Van Basten added. "Why
should he wait until sometime in 2008?"`

about Maxima?` Van Basten said, referring to the

Argentine-born Princess Maxima,
who was granted
Dutch citizenship ahead of her marriage to the
Netherlands` Crown Prince in 2002.”

Immigration laws may keep Kalou off Orange
April 25, 2005]

But there`s a big difference
between the two cases. I`m not sure if it`s "good for
[Dutch] nation" for the coach to be
outsourcing places on the national soccer team to a
young man from Ivory Coast. But at least the Crown
Prince isn`t


Maxine Waters Joins The Good
Side Of The Force?? [Bryanna
 – 04/25/05

If we were playing
a word association game, you would say “nut job” and I
would come back with “U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA).”

She has one
agenda:  Minorities…whatever they want at whatever the
expense…because nobody else matters to Maxine.

Then I received an
email from Fred in Vermont and clicked over to Michelle
Malkin`s Immigration Blog to read this story:

Waters is fed up with our open border policy and wants
reform—no I`m not joking.

Heather MacDonald
of the Manhattan Institute testified at a recent
committee hearing attended by Waters and reported the
events in Malkin`s blog:

“`Why isn`t anyone
talking about the Mexican Mafia (a gang of illegal
Mexicans that controls the California prison system)?`
she thundered. `I don`t care if you`re pink or purple or
white or black or brown, I want you out if you`re
committing crimes.` There is no excuse not to control
the border, she said. `I`m a liberal with a capital
`L`,` she said, `but I`m sick of it.` “

The rest of the
story is