Rhode Island ACLU Thinks Illegal Immigration Is A Civil Right

The Rhode Island ACLU [Email them] has launched a lawsuit to prevent the Governor of Rhode Island from requiring state contractors to use E-Verify.[News Release: ACLU Sues Governor Over Executive Order on Immigration–Rhode Island Affiliate American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)]

They have the usual boring complaints. (“However, since its launch, the E-Verify program has been riddled with significant flaws, and returns inaccurate information regarding the immigration and employment status of new hires–and particularly lawful foreign-born workers–at more than a minimal rate. Studies have also shown that the program has a substantial rate of employer abuse, leading to discrimination against potential employees perceived as `foreign.`”)

But really, it`s about protecting illegals. While one of the plaintiffs in the suit, Rhode Island Professor Daniel Weisman, [Email him]talks about the impact of E-Verify on  “naturalized citizens and other foreign-born workers,” it would actually be better for most legal immigrants if the law were enforced, because their wages would go up.